Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey Whitey, it's the Friday morning commute sing-a-long song! (part 2)

My commute was extra long today due to the snow so I had many songs to sing-a-long too.  This week we have a song from a band that defined my teenage years:

Makes you wonder if Ian Asbury was the inspiration for Jack Sparrow.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey Whitey, it's the Friday morning commute sing-a-long song!

During my commute to work I usually listen to the Howard Stern Show (cheer or boo I don't care you're not in the car with me).  Since Howard doesn't do a show on Fridays I listen to music and I always find myself singing along to at least one song.  This week the song is Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend:

Remember, you don't have to want a girlfriend to like this song.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hey Whitey, Where the hell did we go!

OK, so what happened?

Shortly before meeting all my Bloggy friends, my boss up and quit and left me to file an annual report for the company without any support.  In addition, the main server of our computer network crashed, making a difficult situation almost impossible.

A new boss was brought in, after the Annual Report was filed and the new server built, of course, and he is of course fresh and full of ideas, while I am exhausted.

Next thing you know the holidays are here and I'm just not really in the mood for a huge holiday, so I scaled way back and tried to regroup.

So here it is January 1, 2011, what do I want to accomplish this year?

I need to take control of my health, I am a Type II Diabetic and for the past two years I have completely ignored it, for the past couple of days I have been testing my blood glucose levels and I am alarmed at the levels.

That's it, but this one goal has so many benefits that it could easily be a list of 10 resolutions.

So there it is my friends, and thanks for coming back.

By the way, Whitey says "Hello".